• 5 Best Cutting Boards For Your Kitchen


    A good cutting board is essential to any kitchen—it’s where every meal you cook starts.  We’ve put together a round-up of the best cutting boards on the market.  Happy chopping.   


    1. Joseph Joseph Index Cutting Board Set ($39.99, Amazon.com):
    One of the most important things to remember when prepping food is that sanitation is key.  This set features four colored boards—red for raw meat, blue for seafood, green for vegetables, and white for cooked food—so you can keep your kitchen, and your cooking, in pristine condition.   


    2. State Shaped Cutting Board ($48, A. Heirloom):
    Personalize your kitchen with a handmade cutting board in the shape of your favorite state.  A. Heirloom makes boards in the shape of all 50 states, so you’re sure to be represented, whether you’re from the empire state or the sunshine state.    


    3. Boos Large Carving Board ($149.95, Williams-Sonoma or $104.95, Amazon):
    The classic wood cutting board is durable and never goes out of style.  This one, in particular, is a good one.  The beveled edges will catch any running juices while you’re carving a roast, minimizing any clean-up.    


    4. One Stop Chop Cutting Board ($39.99, Think Geek):
    If you’re chopping up fresh ingredients, it’s likely that you find yourself stopping to find containers to store your sliced peppers, onions, and mushrooms.  Avoid that altogether with the One-Stop-Chop Cutting Board, which includes built-in storage drawers, and is compact enough to slip right into the fridge. 


    5. Over-the-Sink Cutting Board ($34.95, Williams-Sonoma):
    If you’ve got limited counter space, this over-the-sink cutting board was made for you.  As the name says, it fits snugly over your sink, and even has a built-in silicone colander, so you can wash and chop your vegetables without having to move one inch.   




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