• 6 Most Essential Cookbooks For Any Kitchen

    6 Most Essential Cookbooks For Any Kitchen

    A kitchen doesn’t look complete without some vibrant cookbooks hanging around.  Here’s a crop of cookbooks that will provide inspiration on what to whip up for any occasion.

    Mastering the Art of French Cooking; Julia Child: Search every self-respecting chef’s stash of cookbooks, and you’ll likely see at least one tome bearing the name of the world-famous Julia Child.  This book—while she produced others—is widely considered her best, and will teach you everything from Beef Bourguignon to crepes. 

    Whole Beast Butchery; Ryan Farr: San Francisco chef Ryan Farr breaks down the butchery process with 500 step-by-step photographs, flanked by helpful hints on tools and techniques, plus delicious meat-centric recipes.  

    How to Cook Everything; Mark Bittman:  Often thought of as “Cooking for Dummies,” Bittman’s easy-to-follow instructions and recipes that err towards the simple (2,000 of them!) are appreciated by beginners in the kitchen.

    A Girl and Her Pig; April Bloomfield: Hailing from England, April Bloomfield has carved out a place for herself in the NYC culinary scene.  With A Girl and Her Pig, Bloomfield serves up voice-driven recipes that include modern updates of pub fare, traditional English dishes, and delectable desserts. 

    The Joy of Cooking; Irma Rombauer:  Widely considered one of the best teaching cookbooks ever written, The Joy of Cooking has been a staple in kitchens across the country for over 75 years.  And no wonder—its an exhaustive look at cooking.  Where else would you find how to dye Easter eggs and make tamales in one book?

    The Cookiepedia; Stacy Adimando: Bursting with mouthwatering photos and over 50 recipes, The Cookiepedia presents an encyclopedic categorization of the best cookie recipes—from Animal Cookies to Snickerdoodles and everything in between.

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