• 5 Awesome Art Prints for Your Kitchen

    The rest of your house is decorated impeccably—painted and adorned with framed artwork that shows off your personality.  So why is it that your kitchen gets the shaft when it comes to decorating.

    Not anymore—here are five food-themed prints that will look fantastic in your kitchen.

    5 Awesome Art Prints For Your Kitchen

    The Cartography of Kitchenware Poster
    ($32, Pop Chart Labs)

    Doesn’t it seem like you’ve got 5,000 pieces of kitchenware—no matter how small your kitchen is?  This print helps you sort it out, by graphing it, of course.

    The Po Boy Patent Poster
    ($25, Dirty Coast)

    Whether you’re Southern born-and-bred or you just love this simple, classic sandwich, this Po Boy Patent Poster dissects the inner-workings of the sandwich.  Think of it as a visual recipe, hanging right on your wall.

    Mas Tacos Por Favor Print
    ($39, Anderson Design Group)

    Taco Night may well be the most exciting night of the week, so why not celebrate it with this Mas Tacos Por Favor print?

    The Venn of Beer Poster
    ($24, Pop Chart Labs)

    A classy upgrade from those Bud Light posters from college, The Venn of Beer poster breaks down the ingredients in this beloved beverage.  Who knew it was so simple?

    Use Every Part of the Cow Poster
    ($25, Dry Well)

    Colorful and incredibly accurate, this Use Every Part of the Cow Poster will proclaim your love of meat, but also make you more educated about it.  Win/win. 


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