• 3 Essential Knives for Any Kitchen

    There are approximately one billion kitchen gadgets that you can buy in your lifetime, and if you love to cook, you might get romanced by that industrial-sized wok or popcorn machine that catches your eye as you’re walking through the store.  That’s why your kitchen cabinets and drawers are brimming with assorted tools that you never really use (I’m looking at you, garlic press).  It’s time to simplify, starting with your knives. 

    Knives are the most versatile—and essential—kitchen gadget you have, and because of that, you don’t need an overabundance of them crowding your drawers.   Here are our picks for the three most essential knives for any kitchen.

    Chef’s Knife ($99.95, Williams-Sonoma):
    The Chef’s Knife is the knife you’ll probably reach for most often—whether you’re chopping onions or slicing open a package of bacon (don’t judge).  The larger blade makes it good for big jobs and it's sturdy enough to give you control on the cutting board.
    Paring Knife ($61.99, Bed, Bath & Beyond):
    The secret behind vegetable peelers is that you shouldn’t use them—the blade dulls easily and the peels get stuck.  Trade in your vegetable peelers for a good paring knife, a small and sharp knife that is perfect for peeling just about anything—from apples to potatoes.          
    Serrated Knife ($119.95, Williams-Sonoma):
    Serrated knives are essential whenever you’re cutting something soft—try to go at a too-ripe tomato with an un-serrated Chef’s Knife and you might have a mess on your hands.  The teeth on the serrated knife allow you to saw through these delicate foods with ease—whether its a loaf of bread or some fresh mozzarella cheese.

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